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Rethink [Secondary] Storage

Optimize Your Data Protection Without Sacrificing Your Budget

Finally, a secondary storage and data deduplication solution built to help you deliver bulletproof data protection without costing you an arm and a leg. From data management and consolidation, to protection and recovery, our technology enables IT to put an end explosive data growth once and for all.

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Data Recovery For Businesses That Can't Afford to Wait Around

VM Recovery That's 5X Faster Than The Other Guys

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RunBiz Delivers High Margin DRaaS with Veeam & HybriStor

See How They Reduced Storage Requirements by 95%


Data Growth Is Explosive. Take Control With HybriStor.

HybriStor reduces burdens on storage by consolidating backup, recovery, replication and target data onto low-cost, high-performance secondary storage - without the enterprise price tag.

Industry Leading Data Deduplication Rates Can Consolidate Data by 95% with a Global Hub-and-Spoke Architecture.

Instant Virtual Machine Recovery That's 5x Faster Than the Competition Ensures You'll Never Miss an RPO or RTO Again.

With Prices 70% Lower Than The Other Guys, We're Making Comprehensive Data Protection Affordable for Any Business.

Forget The Enterprise Headache...and Price Tag

Losing out on the benefits of deduplication with riduclously expensive enterprise hardware? Try HybriStor today for free!

HybriStor Virtual Appliance

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The HybriStor Virtual Appliance can work with any backup or archive software that can write data to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) interface. It supports global deduplication rates of up to 30x+, resulting in vastly improved LAN/WAN performance and reduced storage requirements.

Delivering Better SLAs: A Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service Story

How can you deliver high-margin Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service capabilities when storage requirements are eating away at your bottom line? You can't. That's why RunBiz integrated HybriStor with Veeam to finally start making cold, hard cash off their DRaaS offering.

Data Protection Services You Need

Secondary Storage Technology That You'll Love


"Restores from HybriStor are blazing fast due to the InstaCache feature of the system. Doing a VM instant restore and migrating from backup to production storage is 5X faster than other competitors." -Nick Kranz, Sr. Technical Consultant at Centre Technologies