Delivering High Margin Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service with Veeam and HybriStor


  • 95% reduction of storage costs with global deduplication
  • Higher margins for the RunBiz Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service offering
  • New business opportunities from the ability to deliver highly competitive SLAs

The Challenge

RunBiz specializes in delivering continuous uptime for IT systems in the financial service and energy industries. More than 4800 end-users leverage RunBiz expertise to keep their IT solutions running day-in and day-out.

Due to the mission-critical nature of their customers, RunBiz understood the need to deliver highly responsive and capable DRaaS solutions to retain their current customers and acquire new business opportunities. However, RunBiz also knew that most clients are willing to allocate only so much of their IT budget to backup solutions.

To create a profitable service and meet the needs of their customers, RunBiz quickly recognized the need for a solution that could reduce the storage burdens that were eating away at their margins. They chose HybriStor as that solution.

“We needed a way to take the deduplicated data produced by Veeam backup jobs, aggregate it together, and apply another round of global deduplication. This would not only substantially reduce our costs, it would improve the performance of our DRaaS system. HybriStor was a perfect fit and it’s proving out to decrease our total storage requirement by right around 95%, which helps our bottom line tremendously.”

-Drew Terrell, Owner of RunBiz Solutions