Instant Virtual Machine (VM) Recovery

Restart a failed VM directly from compressed and deduplicated backup files for data protection that never fails.

Minimize System Downtime

Maintain low recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) with restore times 5x faster than Data Domain and ExaGrid.

Backup & Restore Instantly

Instant Virtual Machine (VM) recovery restores failed VMs to production directly from deduplicated backup and recovery data without rehydration.

Integrate Seamlessly

Vendor agnostic integration provides instant VM recovery capabilities to industry-leading backup solutions like Veeam, VMware, and Commvault.

How Instant Virtual Machine Recovery Works

Instant VM Recovery uses industry-leading InstaCache technology to mount a VM image to production directly from deduplicated backup files. Unlike our competition, there is no need to rehydrate data from deduped storage or extract an entire VM to primary storage.

Data is pre-fetched and stored in SSD, so you can restart VMs from any restore point in a matter of minutes - rather than hours.

instant vm recovery indesign architecture

*Don't sweat the delta. Changes in data are stored separately and merged when the VM is migrated back to deduplicated storage. This functionality is based upon backup application layer settings.

InstaCache VM Recovery & Veeam:
The Future of Backup and Replication

RunBiz needed a way to drive high-margin, low-cost Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service using their current Veeam backup and replication solution.

RunBiz turned to HybriStor's InstaCache for its seamless integration with Veeam, and the ability to meet Recovery Time Objectives of minutes instead of hours. Learn how:

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