The Future of Object-Based Storage

Increase the utility of object storage by enabling high-performance, multi-tenant backup and replication

Eliminate Costly CapEx

Send high-performance deduplication and compressed data to your target object store to eliminate costly capital expenditures breaking your budget.

Scale Infinitely

By working with any backup or archive software that can write data to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) interface, we enable scale without restrictions.

Unlock Multi-Tenant Features

Handle the high data rates necessary to support disaster recovery applications, and support thousands of multi-tenant customer environments.

Why Object Storage?

Traditionally, object storage gateways have been beneficial in scaling large storage tiers for cost savings in growing organizations. Unfortunately, these technologies have been known to have poor IOPS and high latency.

Today, HybriStor uses patent-pending technology called InstaCache that can boost IOPS by 100-250x. With an object storage gateway that supports fast IOPs and low latency, you're one-step closer to secure, multi-tenant backup and replication.

Indesign architecture for an object storage gateway

Improving System Performance and Reducing Capital Expenditure (CapEx)

A cloud service provider with multiple data centers and offering a range of Disaster Recovery (DR), backup, and archive services reduced its capital costs by utilizing object and improved system performance by implementing global deduplication.

HybriStor object storage gateway and global deduplication target case study