We're Shaking Up Secondary Storage

...And We're Sweeping Away the Competition

With prices up to 70% less than Data Domain, and restore times up to 5x faster than our competitors, there is a lot to love about HybriStor.

"Restores from HybriStor are blazing fast due to the InstaCache feature of the system. Doing a VM instant restore and migrating from backup to production storage is 5X faster than other competitors."

-Nick Kranz, Sr. Technical Consultant at Centre Technologies

We Even Make Your Existing Backup Solutions Better

RunBiz needed a way to increase the efficiency and lower the cost of their data protection initiatives, using their current Veeam backup solution.

RunBiz turned to HybriStor's InstaCache for its seamless integration with Veeam, enabling RunBiz to meet near instant Recovery Time Objectives and add an extra 12x+ dedupe rate on top of Veeam.

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