Driving Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Build cost-effective DRaaS solutions in and out of the data center

Never Miss an RPO or RTO Again

Instant VM recovery, short backup windows, multi-site replication and global deduplication of all source data ensures that you, and your customers, will enjoy bulletproof data protection with the lowest cost of service in the market. On top of blazing fast RPO and RTOs, HybriStor can reduce storage by up to 95% - driving higher margins that make Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service extremely profitable.

Deliver Blazing Fast RPOs and RTOs

Need to recover a VM immediately? Now, you can!

HybriStor's InstaCache™ provides instant virtual machine recovery for disaster recovery, test and dev ops environments. In contrast to our competitors, you can run/mount a VM without having to rehydrate data or waiting for a full restore - allowing for backup times that are up to 5x faster.

Inline deduplication also boosts ingestion rates up to 300MB/s and supports multiple backup jobs at once - ensuring you’ll always meet shrinking backup windows.

Limitless Disaster Recovery Testing

Most DRaaS systems on the market do not permit comprehensive testing of recovery processes on an ad-hoc basis. They require a connection to a deduplicated pool of data that needs rehydrated or may even require a full backup to be restored. Effectively testing for DR failures or restoring Dev Ops environments becomes impossible when a single VM failure means hours of downtime.

HybriStors InstaCache™ enables disaster recovery with instant VM restoration and intelligent caching built-in. Unlike traditional data recovery, you can run/mount a backup VM directly from HybriStor in just minutes. Now you can test your DR systems without compromising business operations.

Seamless Integration with Backup

With flexible deployment options (physical, virtual or hybrid), integrating HybriStor into your existing architecture is easy. Its intuitive management tools are designed to simplify your operations, reduce costs and give you better insight into your backup and recovery jobs.

Purpose-built for Veeam, and other leading solutions like CommVault and ArcServe, HybriStor capabilities help you get the most out of your backup solution by adding instant VM recovery and additional replication and storage efficiencies. Take your backup to the next level with efficient, affordable disaster recovery.

Better Disaster Recovery Services with HybriStor and Veeam Backup

RunBiz needed a way to drive high-margin, low-cost Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service using their current Veeam backup and replication solution.

RunBiz turned to HybriStor's InstaCache for its seamless integration with Veeam, and the ability to meet Recovery Time Objectives of minutes instead of hours. Learn how:

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