Secondary Storage for Any Environment

Reduce capital costs and improve data protection with global deduplication across virtual, physical and hybrid environments.

Virtual Environments

Applications are rapidly moving towards virtualized environments, and backup solutions are following swiftly behind. Today’s solutions provide the means to backup and restore your virtual machines to keep data available, but they fail to do so in accordance with the stringent-business requirements of a cloud-based world.

HybriStor is the ultimate data protection solution for virtual environments, ensuring you meet the strict RPOs and RTOs of the highly available world. By consolidating backup, replication, and recovery data onto highly available secondary storage, HybriStor cuts the cost of your data protection platform by reducing storage requirements by up to 95%. With cloud-scale capabilities, HybriStor creates a bridge to the Neverfail cloud (or your own) for optimized data protection and cost reduction at scale.

With cloud-scale capabilities, you can support off-site data protection and instant replication to remote sites. Vastly improved LAN/WAN performance eliminates network traffic - keeping your data highly available.

Improving System Performance and Reducing CAPEX at Scale

Reduce the complexities of multiple data centers and remote sites with global deduplication that offers improved performance for backup, restoration and archive services at scale.

HybriStor object storage gateway and global deduplication target case study